‘Social Resistance and The Militarized State’

The Pakistani students at the Department of Media and Culture Studies in New York  are organizing an event in the memory of Sabeen Mahmud. Those of you in New York, please do attend.

Post event notes : This is a link to Nosheen Ali’s talk at this event   http://m.himalmag.com/sabeen-mahmud-mourning-memory-resistance-pakistan/



‘Love, War and Other Longings’

The ‘Harvard-Brown Pakistani Film Festival 2015’ to take place at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts from Oct 16-18th. The introductory excerpt from the festival literature :

” The recent revival of cinema in Pakistan has generated excitement and captured the imagination.  Film, like the nation-state, stands at a crossroads, and is invested with hope and aspirations towards a future that leaves the seemingly unending violence and militancy of the past decades receding into the distance. The magical qualities of film with its capacity to orchestrate our emotions and sensibilities, to conjure up fictions that become part of our reality, to transform the mundane into the extraordinary symbolizes this collective yearning for a new dawn.  A new generation of filmmakers ranging from the conventional to the experimental are exploring the possibilities of re-imagining family, friendship, love, the nation, and retelling ways of injustice and suffering. Love, War and Other Longings is an invitation to come and participate in these new narrations, to explore their possibilities and examine their implications. What kind of future is envisaged and what representations of the past does it require? What is being celebrated and who is being left out? Continue reading